Donnie Di Angelo

The Message Boy


A short stocky man in a cheap suit with a fedora. He skin is cold to the touch. His dark brown hair is slicked back and his eyes are often covered with cheap black sunglasses.


Growing up in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century was hard on Donnie. Living in a rough neighborhood he learned to fight and being small for his age he learned to fight dirty. By time he was eighteen he was considered the toughest guy on his block despite his small stature. He stopped growing at 5 and a half feet tall but had a wide muscular build and quick reflexes that made him the terror of Chicago area underground fighting rings for a few months in 1922. He caught the eye of a small time bootlegger and was hired on a muscle. Later he got work with the Chicago mob doing protection rackets. Nobody refused to pay Donnie after he hung a man upside down from a lamp post and beat him like a piƱata.

Donnie met his wife Jane and moved down to Kentucky protecting mob run whiskey factories. Things ran his way for a few years until a new outfit came in and killed his wife and son to send a message to the rest. Donnie spent year hunting down the bastards one at a time. Half way through he had one cornered in a back water town in Georgia and got stabbed in the neck. Bleeding to death that was the first time he met his Sire, Merrick.

Merrick used his need for vengeance as a tool control him. After Merrick was done using Donnie the young thug found himself on his own. And he turned to the Camarilla for the sense of structure and loyalty that he thirsted for. Donnie found that like the mob princes had need of a person that could instill fear. Across the Midwest Donnie gained a reputation for ruthless fear mongering to enforce the will of Prince after prince. He traveled from one domain to the next going to the domain of the prince willing to pay the highest price.

Donnie Di Angelo

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